Perrysburg : Toledo Showroom

Kimberly Chapman

Kimberly, known fondly as Kimi, has been a dancer all of her life. Starting at The Toledo Ballet & Hanf Studio as a toddler and continuing on to a professional dance group throughout her childhood and teen years, she actively pursued ballet, tap, jazz, and technique. With a minor in fine arts/dance from The Ohio University, Kimberly went on to dance on The Toledo Ice Dance Team after college and helped coach dance teams in the Toledo area. Kimi’s love for expression through movement gravitated her to Pilates (Pilates Method Alliance CPT), Beyond Barre (New York Sports Club) and Power Yoga (Power Yoga Chicago).

As the Co-Owner of TONIC Maumee, Kimi can be found leading a barre, yoga or Pilates class or organizing fun, motivational workshops and events to utilize the gorgeous studio. TONIC studio radiates energy and light and was created in partnership with her mother-in-law Deborah Chapman. The health conscious pair built Tonic as a labor of love based on true intentions to help people live healthier lives. TONIC is her Mecca. TONIC has won the American Institute of Architecture award for excellence.

As a LOVEr of life, she’ll try anything once – like doing Crow Pose on top of a horse at Wunderlust in Vermont or hosting a Yoga Rave on a Friday night.
In her down time, you can find Kimi planning her next fun travel adventure with her Husband Brian or enjoying a giggling sessions with her three boys during her morning juicing (she’s a wreck without kale). Watching her boys grow, teaching them love and the meaning of life is what calls to her.

Kimi has been honored as a Hometown Hero twice by the Toledo City Paper. Friends, family and connecting with others is at the root of who Kimi is and how she shows up for her community.