Eaton Ctr.

Andie Clement

By taking your workouts outside the box I am able to develop programs for clients that are a bit off the beaten path and involve functional, full body movement. My training philosophy is more for less – meaning more sweat, less rest. As a competitive skater for most of my life I have always been active, but I was never that big into fitness. After typical weight struggles throughout university I slowly got the hang of a balance between exercise and a clean diet. My background in Kin provided me with more than enough experience to develop my own training plans. In March of 2010 I decided to sign up for the Sporting Life 10k road race on a whim. I didn’t consider myself a runner but thought it might be fun to work towards a goal and put myself out of my element. Race day came and I... Read the profile >>

Duncan Parviainen

Chopra Yoga, YogaTree, The Yoga Lounge, Mula Yoga, Yorkville Club, Equinox and Moksha Yoga Uptown

Duncan is Canada’s youngest most highly certified and experienced yoga teacher. He has over 900 hours of training in Ashtanga, Anusara, Power Yoga and Vinyasa, and more than 1500 hours of teaching experience. He teaches at multiple studios across Toronto, is faculty for the 500hr Professional Training Program at Balanced Life Yoga, is a lululemon ambassador and is a contributor on He is passionate about traveling and has travelled extensively through Europe, India, Africa, Australia and the USA. Duncan spent two years at University of Guelph on full scholarship studying Biomedical Sciences and then transferred to Ryerson University where he trained in the Performance Dance program also on scholarship. Before beginning his work in Yoga, Duncan worked at... Read the profile >>

Jaimee Horn

Breathe Yoga Studio, Barreworks, Moksha St Clair West and Mula Yoga

Hailing from Ottawa, Jaimée works as a registered yoga teacher, independent dance artist and writer in Toronto. She loves to travel, cook, colour, paint, sing, day dream and move. Her goals include learning how to ride a bike with no hands and successfully growing a garden. Having trained professionally as a dancer and having studied a great deal of anatomy, she eagerly explores the mind, body, spirit connection, and self-awakening that yoga offers. She continues to study and integrate various movement techniques into her yoga classes. Jaimée aspires to offer her students the tools to cultivate an integrated practice, to develop their ability to move with respect and integrity for their structure, and help them find a peaceful physicality as well as love and appreciation for their... Read the profile >>

Justin Haley

889 Yoga and Chopra Yoga

A Graduate in Yoga Education and Yoga Therapy Justin sees Yoga as a universal health care system that can create a harmonious balance in one’s life. Justin believes yoga to be a continuous therapy that allows us to deepen, strengthen and heal the inner relationship with ourselves, with other human beings and our planet at large. Although Justin has been a student of Yoga for nearly a decade it wasn’t until his own personal experience with cancer in 2007 did his relationship to the practice transform into a profoundly passionate connection. This experience led Justin to India where he studied over the course of a two year period, allowing him to really explore and deepen his bond to this ancient tradition. Seeing and experiencing the transformative qualities of the practice first... Read the profile >>