Toronto : Eaton Ctr.

Andie Clement

By taking your workouts outside the box I am able to develop programs for clients that are a bit off the beaten path and involve functional, full body movement. My training philosophy is more for less – meaning more sweat, less rest.

As a competitive skater for most of my life I have always been active, but I was never that big into fitness. After typical weight struggles throughout university I slowly got the hang of a balance between exercise and a clean diet. My background in Kin provided me with more than enough experience to develop my own training plans. In March of 2010 I decided to sign up for the Sporting Life 10k road race on a whim. I didn’t consider myself a runner but thought it might be fun to work towards a goal and put myself out of my element. Race day came and I was completely hooked. Not long after I signed up for a half-marathon and eventually I was tackling the full 42.2k.

While working for lululemon I had the opportunity to develop relationships with yoga and fitness leaders throughout the city. Through these connections I discovered my love for sharing my passions for fitness and healthy living with others. When a friend suggested I consider a career as a personal trainer I honestly felt like my light bulb switched on.

I am so lucky to have been able to make a career out of what I am passionate about. I love going to work each day and working with clients to achieve their health and fitness goals.