Toronto : Eaton Ctr.

Duncan Parviainen

Duncan is Canada’s youngest most highly certified and experienced yoga teacher. He has over 900 hours of training in Ashtanga, Anusara, Power Yoga and Vinyasa, and more than 1500 hours of teaching experience. He teaches at multiple studios across Toronto, is faculty for the 500hr Professional Training Program at Balanced Life Yoga, is a lululemon ambassador and is a contributor on

He is passionate about traveling and has travelled extensively through Europe, India, Africa, Australia and the USA. Duncan spent two years at University of Guelph on full scholarship studying Biomedical Sciences and then transferred to Ryerson University where he trained in the Performance Dance program also on scholarship.

Before beginning his work in Yoga, Duncan worked at one of Canada’s leading Adult and Youth Wilderness Empowerment organizations as a Wilderness Guide. Reconnecting man with his inner strength, and the power of nature in the rugged lands of Ontario, Duncan found his love for self development. “Nature reflects the beauty and strength that is found within our own heart.”

Duncan’s classes are lead with smiles, kindness, hands-on assists, authentic movement, intuition and philosophy. Depending on the class, challenge and power are explored in a vigorous way to truly connect with inner strength. Rest and relaxation are experienced in a way to promote deep release and healing.

Duncan draws his inspiration in Yoga from dance legends: Nadia Potts and David Earle, and Yogi/inis Desiree Rumbaugh, Kathryn Budig, Todd Norian, Ann Green, Jeanine Woodall, Kristin Honey, Shasta Townsend, his great grandmother, his family and friends, and his students.

Duncan also offers private classes and has worked with people recovering from injuries, beginners, and people looking to deepen their practice.