Toronto : Queen St. W.

Amber Joliat

I was drawn to the beauty of movement at a young age.
I discovered yoga as a physical therapy practice while dancing professionally, and it changed my life.
As a modern dancer, I found the need to challenge my body and my strength in different ways, and Ashtanga yoga was perfect for me.

I taught the Jazz Program at the Canadian Children’s Dance Theater for four years, and started a weekly Yoga workshop for the Dancers. It was then I explored yoga teaching options.

After years of practicing Yoga, I completed the Downward Dog Yoga Teacher Training and while in the program, I was invited to teach Yoga classes at different Toronto studios.

I then traveled to Costa Rica where I taught Yoga at a Hotel/Spa for four months. Upon my return to Toronto, I was introduced to Core Studio, and the world of Pilates.

Fresh out of my training at Stott Pilates, I am thrilled to be teaching both Yoga and Pilates and share my love of movement with so many wonderful students.

Today, I own MISFITSTUDIO - downtown Toronto’s most unique pilates and yoga studio. What sets it apart is charm, enthusiasm and encouragement for anyone to join the practice. Misfitstudio is where yoga’s centering calm gets spiced with a little rock and roll.

The Misfits invite one and all, at any level of fitness, to experience the art of building grace and strength through movement that is distinctly different.