Toronto : Sherway Gardens

Paul McIntyre

Head Trainer/Owner Paul was a member of the Canadian Forces for 29 yrs. He
Competed in the EUROPEAN ASSOCIATION OF RESERVE NCOs Military Heptathlon for three years as a member of Team Canada; medal-ed in the all three years.
He serves as the CrossFit Games Regional Director for Canada East 2011, 2012, and 2013. Paul holds CrossFit Certifications - Level 1, Olympic lifting
Running, Nutrition, Rowing, Gymnastic, Movement & Mobility, Football, Kettle bell, Endurance and Strongman. He is a
c ertified Personal Trainer with the Canadian Society of Exercise and Physiology and an advisor and instructor to the Canadian military and to international security corporations on fitness evaluation, training and program development. He Train soldiers for international competition and deployment, Successfully preparing individuals for selection to Elite Units