Yonge St.

David Good


David Good is a living example how yoga can transform your life. Living most of his life overweight and always looking for the quick fix to optimal health. His life changed after he discovered a whole health lifestyle program that he now shares in his classes. David asks you to “meet yourself on the mat” everyday. His classes are a mix of challenging Vinyasa sequences with an attention to systematic cueing, a respect for breath and fun therapeutic alignment tips to learn something about your body while nurturing your soul. David Good Yoga workshop and classes bring to your life the idea of Foundation on and off the mat. Living more grounded and being able to expand yourself out into the world making your goals come true. David teaches you how to work on your foundation, like a... Read the profile >>

Donna Wilding

Kula / Track Fitness / Yoga Tree

Donna’s path towards wellness began at the age of 18 with Reiki, and came full circle when she took her first yoga class. After spending 5 years as a yoga student, she was inspired to learn more. She began with a yoga teacher training in Toronto, followed by one in Montreal, and two more in Toronto with visiting teachers, one of which focused on therapeutic yoga. With over 500+ hours of yoga training and over 10 years of practice, Donna now survives in the city by sharing her passion for health through yoga and energy healing. Donna Wilding, Yoga Teacher & Energy Healer. Twitter: donnawilding1 Read the profile >>

Natalie Sweet

Natalie Sweet is the leader of our run club #irunbhill that takes place every Tuesday night at 6:30pm. Whether you are training for a marathon or just out for fun, Natalie provides the support and direction that every runner needs. Read the profile >>

Quentin Vitko


Quentin is a certified fitness instructor and a lululemon Product Ambassador. He also has specialized training in martial arts. In fact, as a third degree black belt in tae kwon do, he currentll serves as a senior instructor at Champion Martial Arts & Health Centre. Recently, he travelled to Tanzania, where he had the privilege of instructing over 1,000 African children in the basics of tae kwon do. Quentin brings his experience in holistic health and wellness to his role as a trainer and to the development of unique classes at Ferris360. Read the profile >>