Cumberland St.

Christie Preston

Preston Fitness

Christie is obsessed with interval training. Hates foam rolling. Likes chocolate. And loves life. She is the owner, personal trainer, daily blogger and Bod Squad leader at Preston Fitness. After graduating from the University of Western Ontario two years ago with a degree in Kinesiology, Christie began running a "bootcamp" style outdoor fitness class which she named "The Bod Squad". With the Bod Squad's growing popularity and success, Christie now leads classes year round and has accumulated numerous followers through her daily blog, "Beauty and the Bod," where she writes about fitness, fashion and fun things that inspire her! Using her science degree and background in competitive athletics, Christie devises innovative, fast-paced, and challenging workouts that have... Read the profile >>

Christine Russell

889 Yoga + Wellness Spa

Hi, my name is Christine Russell and it is my privilege to be a lululemon ambassador for the Cumberland store in Toronto. I have been in love with lululemon as a company since we began working together as a strategic partners, being an entrepreneur + business owner. lululemon’s focus on the grassroots community of each store – tapping into its true essence, and feeding its ecosystem – makes it shine and stand far apart from other retailers. This is why I proudly wear lululemon athletica and stand behind the brand as an ambassador and an entrepreneur. I began practicing yoga in 2002 living in Los Angeles and fell so deeply in love with yoga and the “feeling” it awakened within me that I packed by bags, parted with the beach, left the sunshine (and my career in business... Read the profile >>

Garnet Suidy

Totum Life Science

Innovation and excitement are what drives Garnet. Having spent the better part of his life as a competitive figure skater, he.has been fortunate enough to experience and study many different styles of movement and continues to broaden his horizons. Garnet has travelled extensively across the globe working with various coaches and professionals in many different fields, including Pilates, yoga, skating, strength and conditioning, dance, martial arts, acrobatics, and performing arts. Garnet believes that engaging and challenging your body, as well as your mind, in as many ways as possible is key to a healthy relationship with oneself. "People move to feel better. To feel better physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. I don't think there is any one method or path that can... Read the profile >>

Laura Sanhueza-Miller

Shaping Her Esteem

Laura is addicted to physical activity, whether it be rowing, biking or running! Having competed on the international stage for both Triathlon and Rowing, she has learned a lot about what it takes to live a healthy and balanced life. Having fun is one of the most important things she says that keeps her going! Her experience in sport, HBSc degree in Kinesiology, and full-time job in the medical device world (focused on women’s health), has given Laura the tools to start a new non-profit organization called “SHE, Shaping Her Esteem”. SHE is dedicated to increasing the health and well-being of young girls, offering online nutritional tips and motivational video posts, as well as in-person fitness classes for girls aged 8 to 16. Laura is constantly looking for a challenge, and... Read the profile >>

Shannon Stasyk

Purusha Yoga

Shannon first stepped onto her yoga mat as a way to seek refuge from anxiety and to facilitate a method of movement that would allow her to practice deeper compassion toward herself. It was a completely different perspective and at times an uncomfortable, but welcomed, challenge that she expects will continue to evolve and shape her perspectives. Shannon's passion for fitness began when, as a young little girl, she would accompany her mother to aerobics classes and take in the 90’s aerobics videos. Shortly thereafter Shannon discovered the gym, and from then on being a gym member became non-negotiable. Along with exercise Shannon has always placed great importance on what she puts into her body, in an effort to not only perform her best but to feel her best too. She teaches multiple... Read the profile >>