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Brad Berlin

CrossFit Maven

Bradley owns CrossFit Maven in Rochester Hills, Michigan. He's been doing CrossFit for about four years now and couldn't imagine his life without it. Having always lived an active lifestyle, he grew up with a tree fort instead of a game system and would still find more value for the tree fort. Life to Bradley is best lived in motion, outdoors, and taking deep breaths. Prior to CrossFit, he's competed in the sport of Strongman for four years. As much as he loved the challenges of Strongman, he wanted more; he needed to be challenged by more than just heavy weights. CrossFit has been a perfect fit for Bradley, both mentally and physically. He's found that not only does CrossFit challenge himself, but Bradley teaches others weightlifting, running, gymnastics, Kettlebells, and techniques to... Read the profile >>

Justin Sarna

It is the “how” of “what” we are doing on the mat that makes all the difference. I was born and raised in Royal Oak, Michigan. I studied Economics at Michigan State University, but always knew that my purpose was elsewhere. After MSU I started a construction company, and quickly watched the business grow, but my physical, mental, and spiritual health decline. It was after a few years of declining health and dark places I found yoga. It resonated immediately. After three months of classes at a studio I was at teacher training. I received my RYT 200 certification, and set aside the construction company to move into teaching full time and managing yoga studios. I had never imagined that my path would lead me to where I stand today. Yoga resonated in a way that I could not ignore.... Read the profile >>

Tommy Mack

Tommy Mack has been deeply inspired by the practice of Yoga. It's said that happiness is only real when it's shared. Sharing an intuitive style of Vinyasa Flow has become a mission to share the joy, strength, happiness and numerous benefits with students. Seeing others experience amazing change in their world off the mat, as a result of this amazing yoga practice inspires Tommy to encourage others to explore the deep benefits of Yoga. Connecting with Lululemon was a natural progression for Tommy to continue to inspire an amazing Yoga community in the metro Detroit area. Lululemon connects with the community in really unique ways with it's own style and personality, and to be a part of that has been a blessing for Tommy. With an extensive background in fitness as a personal trainer... Read the profile >>