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Tommy Mack

Tommy Mack has been deeply inspired by the practice of Yoga. It's said that happiness is only real when it's shared. Sharing an intuitive style of Vinyasa Flow has become a mission to share the joy, strength, happiness and numerous benefits with students.
Seeing others experience amazing change in their world off the mat, as a result of this amazing yoga practice inspires Tommy to encourage others to explore the deep benefits of Yoga.
Connecting with Lululemon was a natural progression for Tommy to continue to inspire an amazing Yoga community in the metro Detroit area. Lululemon connects with the community in really unique ways with it's own style and personality, and to be a part of that has been a blessing for Tommy.
With an extensive background in fitness as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor, Yoga changed Tommy's view of health and fitness. Tommy believes yoga to be the most efficient way to train the body and mind and to connect with our own vibrancy.
As an former athlete, and a background in the sport of boxing, Tommy notes this style of Yoga practice as one of the only things to similarly challenge himself physically, mentally and provide that sense of being purely present, very similar to when an athlete finds themself in "the zone". As a Yoga Teacher, Tommy brings a tenacious attitude to inspire one towards positive growth and transformation, balanced with a sense of compassion and joyfulness. "Strong Mind, Strong Body, Strong Breath"