Lake Tahoe Showroom

Chris Cloyd

Performance Training Center

Have you ever considered that you have a greater say in who you are and what you can accomplish than most people are willing to admit? We all make a thousand decisions a day that can define who we are if we let them, and manifesting our success is a lot more achievable than we think. Everything is earned, and hard work solves every problem. These are the tenets of philosophy that shape Chris Cloyd's definition of well-being, and the pursuit of that ideal. As Chris will tell you, well-being is a lifestyle - a delicate combination of fitness, metal and emotional sanity, a pursuit of something bigger than ourselves, and a contribution to the greater good. This isn't a destination, but something that we LIVE and perpetuate. Working as a fitness professional since 2006, Chris has built... Read the profile >>

Melissa Martinez-Chauvin

The Studio

Inspired by her yoga teachers, Shaelah Morris, Rusty Wells and Janet Stone, she feels at home in devoted studentship. Her classes allow for the opportunity to open up and expand not only our bodies but what’s underneath, such as our opinions of ourselves and others. She sees yoga as a way to deepen the relationships we create with all beings as well as everything in nature. In her classes, she creates an inviting oasis where you can connect your body and mind through the movement that resonates with you. Melissa shares yoga in a way that meets people where they're at and believes that yoga can have a profound impact on our lives. She strives to present yoga in a way that allows you to be an independent thinker so you can incorporate what you learn through your practice into your daily... Read the profile >>

Sherry McConkey

C.R. Johnson Healing Center

I left my home of South Africa when I was 21 to travel the world; after 3 1/2 years of traveling to incredible places I stumbled upon Tahoe. Living here for two decades now, Tahoe is my home. I have a wonderful daughter and live in an amazing community that feels like family. After beating my body up on our beautiful mountains I knew I needed to heal my body. I went to a few different classes but did not love them, that is until I went to an Anusara class about eight years ago. It changed my life in so many ways: not only did it help with my sports, but it helped me through some of the hardest times of my life. I truly believe that yoga can heal in so many ways. You can clear your mind when you are aligned, flexible and strong; you can do so many more things you love without... Read the profile >>