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Chris Cloyd

Have you ever considered that you have a greater say in who you are and what you can accomplish than most people are willing to admit? We all make a thousand decisions a day that can define who we are if we let them, and manifesting our success is a lot more achievable than we think. Everything is earned, and hard work solves every problem. These are the tenets of philosophy that shape Chris Cloyd's definition of well-being, and the pursuit of that ideal.

As Chris will tell you, well-being is a lifestyle - a delicate combination of fitness, metal and emotional sanity, a pursuit of something bigger than ourselves, and a contribution to the greater good. This isn't a destination, but something that we LIVE and perpetuate.

Working as a fitness professional since 2006, Chris has built a brand working with athletes of all backgrounds - from Olympians to aspiring youth. He currently manages US Olympic Gold Medalist Julia Mancuso's Performance Training Center in Truckee, CA and works as a trainer and coach for over 2 dozen professional and nationally-competitive athletes, including world-class skiers, snowboarders, cyclists, and triathletes.

Chris doesn't just preach his doctrines - he also pursues these ideals himself. As an amateur athlete, Chris stays actively competitive in the running, cycling, and triathlon communities. This past season Chris won a number of local and regional bike races, won the Lake Tahoe International Triathlon, and qualified for the US National Championship Triathlon (although he was unable to compete). In 2011, Chris raced his first Ironman Triathlon and won his age group, finishing 4th overall. This upcoming season's goal include a defense of the Lake Tahoe crown, a podium finish at the Donner Lake International Triathlon, and the Tahoe Rim Trail 50k run. Chris also plans on riding in support of his teammates at the Everest Challenge, a 2-day 200+ mile bike race that features over 29,000 feet of climbing. Onward and upward.

Chris is an avid "lifestyle" cyclist and a full-time bike commuter, and has applied his love of cycling to the greater good. In 2009, Chris founded the TakeYourBike project, a non-profit committed to spreading commuter-cycling advocacy in metropolitan areas here in the United States. Chris and a handful of other TYB teammates pedaled from Vancouver, BC to Tecate, Mexico - a 3-country bike tour - to help illustrate the viability of the bicycle as a vehicle of transportation and the amazing experiences you can find on two wheels.

Chris is also a former professional musician, and although he'll tell you he's washed up now, he still stays active in the music world and supports a number of artists on upright and electric bass.

Of course, as a full-time resident of the Lake Tahoe community, Chris is hopelessly addicted to snowboarding and backcountry touring, and spends as much time as possible out in our great Sierra wilderness in the winter months.