Truckee : Lake Tahoe Showroom

Jenn Choi

Jenn began her yoga journey while she was traveling in India in 2006. After attending her first Ashtanga yoga class, she recognized the potential of how this form of meditation in movement can invigorate and awaken the awareness of one's entire being; an uplifting way to move the body and stretch the mind. Yoga for Jenn is a practice in all aspects of my life, on and off of the mat—a daily routine of exercising compassion, patience, humility, and love in all its essence. She is truly fortunate and grateful to have these practices to govern her virtues, character, and values, as well as her asana. She decided to teach yoga because it was such a potent and powerful transformation, and felt a strong urge to explore it further, and share it with others. Since then, she has completed multiple 200 and 500hr teacher trainings in Vinyasa and Anusara yoga, and has attended dozens of workshops and immersions to expand her knowledge and passion—in order to better share and give the gift of yoga. In more recent years, she has delved deeper into the study of the human anatomy through various trainings in yoga therapeutics and structural bodywork.

Jenn is a recent transplant to the Tahoe area, drawn to its quaint towns and plethora of outdoor activities. She searched far and wide during her year-long road trip climbing around the US for a place like Tahoe, and is excited to put a pause to her nomadic lifestyle and to be planting roots once again. She is especially thrilled and grateful that she's been given an opportunity to be an ambassador for Lululemon because she trusts that it will give her a chance to foster and grow within the already-vibrant yoga community that exists in this awesome little mountain town!

What to expect in Jenn's classes:
To put it simply, Jenn's classes can be described as "alignment-focused (or Anusuara-influenced) Vinyasa." In every class, you will be exploring invigorating, creative flows and transitions linked with mindful breathing, while using Anusara yoga's principles of alignment, in order to help you learn to safely and gracefully expand your body and mind. Each of our bodies react and exist in all different shapes and forms; some of us ail from injuries or 'tweaks' that affect our daily lives and especially our practice; so expect hands-on adjustments and precise verbal cues in all of her classes.