Tucson : Tucson Showroom

Lori Huggins


Initially, I was terrified to enter a yoga class. The very first OM nearly sent me running out the door! My conservative background made me leery of the spiritual side of yoga. I am from the south where every good girl knows that you have to "put on your face" before you go out in public. Needless to say, at a young age, I was already searching for what was behind my mask. This is what brought me to yoga. And this is what kept me from running out of my first yoga class in 2004 with my soon to be favorite teacher, Rachel Laing. This was the beginning of my journey - a journey that has continued to reveal deeper layers of myself through my practice of yoga.

By living through some difficult life experiences, I have learned to choose to live life from a positive, fun place. I have experienced the negative downward spiral and I have chosen to look for the good in the world, which, by the way, I see most clearly from Down Dog! I began teaching yoga in 2009, but I have been a teacher for a very long time. I began my teaching career as an art teacher, and it only seemed natural to teach what I had become so passionate about - yoga. I teach because of a firm belief that anyone can reap the benefits of yoga. They just need a teacher that makes yoga accessible to them, where they are and where they come from.

My classes are fun and playful with a focus on alignment. Focusing on alignment transforms our poses and, more importantly, our understanding of ourselves and our body. I believe yoga is a gift that anyone should feel able to accept, regardless of ability, flexibility, age, or size. The highlight of my week is teaching Yoga 4 Youth. Imagine if you had been given the tools at 7 or 8 of being able to create a sense of calm in a crazy world, or the tools to realize that the end goal is not to always be better than everyone in the room but to better yourself. My classes offer you a safe place to start or expand your practice.

I am from Alabama (and still have an accent that I will never lose!) and I absolutely love SEC football! WAR EAGLE!