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Nancy Gutierrez


My name is Nancy Gutierrez and I’m an Anusara-Inspired and RYT 200 yoga teacher. I love living in Tucson with my husband, Andy, two daughters, Megan and Macie, dog, cat and two desert tortoises. I enjoy yoga, cycling, reading, volunteering at my kids’ schools, and eating Mexican food! I began practicing yoga in 2000 after the birth of my first daughter. Yoga immediately brought me a sense of peace and surrender that I was searching for in order to balance my naturally “in charge and in control” personality. Becoming more vulnerable hasn’t always been easy, but it has truly changed my life for the better. I no longer suffer from monthly migraines that plagued me since childhood. My yoga practice gives me the opportunity to live life to the fullest and choose to be present in every moment. It also helps me create a sense of balance to being a mom, wife, volunteer, and teacher. I am very grateful to my teachers, including Darren Rhodes and Christina Sell, who have taught me the art, lineage and joy of yoga. They have empowered me to be true to my own heart, live and teach with integrity, and to challenge myself to grow every single day.

My truest intention as a teacher is to bring yoga to everyone who wants to practice. I love teaching fun and invigorating classes that challenge and uplift each student. I was drawn to yoga because it constantly challenges me to be more vulnerable and let go of control. Allowing myself to step into and live from a more open heart has enriched my life so much, and that has fueled my passion about sharing yoga with adults and children. I truly believe that yoga brings everyone a fuller and brighter life! I’ve been teaching since 2009 and recently teamed up with Lori Huggins to create Yoga 4 Youth. We teach real yoga to kids from age 5 through 15. It has been amazing to see them increase their strength, flexibility and knowledge of themselves, but I have to say that I have learned an incredible amount from each and every child who comes to class. It is my greatest intention to give all of my students a safe and supportive space where they feel empowered to grow both physically and spiritually. I ask myself and my students to explore our limits and expand them, and enjoy giving students an opportunity to work in challenging poses and strive for deeper knowledge of themselves. The balance of being a student of yoga and taking the seat of the teacher is such an amazing ride, and is a journey that I’m honored to be on.