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Stephani Lindsey

Yoga Oasis

I started yoga at age twenty (in 2001), when the very popular class at Northern Arizona University had an opening. Yoga offered me an opportunity to be with and work through recent injuries from a car accident. For many years, I defined myself by my injuries and limitations. Now, through embracing myself with my own strong muscles, my own solid bones, I find my inner strength, and I define myself by the light from within that connects me to all others. I sincerely wish to offer back that which continues to transform me from within.

Yoga was extremely challenging for me, and I fell head over heels (literally!). I remember being dumbfounded when my teacher insisted I straighten my back leg— which I just knew was straight…but wasn't. Yoga continually offers me new insights into myself. I wanted the light that I saw in my inspiring teachers, and of course I wanted to be able to do the cool things they did. I dove into my first yoga teacher training in 2004 with Naime Jezzeny and Noah Maze. That series began an ongoing adventure that I'm actually happy to say never ends. I am continually inspired and awed by Anusara's proficient teachers. I aim to be one of them. I am ever grateful for the desire and willingness in students, for it helps to keep those same fires burning within me.