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Tia Accetta

Southern Arizona Roadrunners, The Workout Group

What is your “it”? What is “it” that makes you feel calm, strong and ready to take on each day with a positive attitude? My “it” is running. Whether it’s an easy run with friends or an intense workout, running makes me a better mom, wife and teacher.

I’ve been a proud member of the Southern Arizona Roadrunners and the Workout Group for the last 7 years. I feel extremely lucky to have met and run with so many dedicated and talented athletes in the Tucson running community, including my husband, Randy. Randy inspires me to continue setting challenging running goals even when I feel like I’m too old or too busy. He gives me the precious gift of support by pushing me out the door at 5:30 AM and hanging out with our kids, Aric and Anabelle, while I run. I also have the support of amazing running companions who meet me before the sun comes up and who are willing to gut it out at the track when it’s too warm for most people to be outside.

Running is my “it.” It is the empowerment from digging down deep and running faster or longer than you ever thought possible. It is the exhilaration from sweating and breathing hard. It is the connection with those who work out and race with you. It is the satisfaction from achieving personal goals. Mostly, it is the joy from joining my little ones, with bright shining eyes and big smiles, as they race around the park.