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Christine Hoagland

Christine Hoagland, eRYT 500, is a graduate and Senior Teacher of The Hard & The Soft Yoga Institute and has been teaching for over 14 years. Since 2004 Christine has been assisting TH&TS Institute's founder and director, Beryl Bender Birch, in workshops and teacher trainings all over the world.

After suffering several injuries from years of bending, twirling, jumping, flipping and falling through gymnastics, dancing, horseback riding and a few car accidents, yoga found Christine in 1998 and began to heal her body and mind. Yoga has been a part of her daily life ever since.

Christine's teaching empowers each student to realize their own inner strength and take ownership of their life and happiness. She shares her love of the practice of yoga with others, to inspire them to practice yoga both on and off the mat. Christine and her husband had their first child (a son) in January 2012.