Tulsa : Center1

Narayani Swenning

Narayani completed her 300 hour Jivamukti teacher training at the Omega Institue in 2010. She has completed the 800 hour advanced Jivamukti certificate in NYC as an apprentice with Mentor Jessica Stickler whose devotion to the Jivamukti tenants and dedication to ahimsa is as reliable as the metronome. Narayani has been certifited by the Sundara Trauma Sensitive training and the Street Yoga program. She continutes to work with teens and other as risk populations doing hip-hop asana, chanting and Pranayama.

Narayani also studies Luminous Shabda with Manorama, whose remarkable and grounded teaching style keeps her students engaged. Manorama burns away the overcast skies blanketing the shores of the mind. Narayani is deeply grateful to Sharon Ki and David Ji (founders of Jivamukti Yoga) for their fearless adherence to the yamas and their unique approach to asana. Narayani places all of the flowers that were once arrows at the feet of these teachers, and her first teachers: Tom Tobias and Nicole Peltier and their teachers and students and the gurus and lineage they stand in. Thank you for the grace. Narayani also owes her strength as a teacher to her patient husband whose manner as a father and surgeon are their own beautiful yogic pracitce; her three children, three dogs and the garden that replaces her canvas for now.