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Alton Wallace

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Alton Wallace

Alton began running in high school as a cross country runner. Her love of competitive sports lead her to play both volleyball and basketball at the collegiate level. After graduating from college and entering the workforce, Alton fell out of running. Following the loss of her father and other events,
Alton returned to running consistently with a local running group as a way to manage stress and stay healthy. For Alton, running provided a sense of peace, control, freedom, and contentment. Running is a time where she could let go, be open, and experience the world. She found that it provided her with much more than she ever could have hoped. Running moved away from something she should do, to something she could not do without. As her love for pounding- the- pavement grew, she started running longer and longer distances. She ran her first marathon in Washington D.C. (Marine Corp) in 2009. Since then she has completed two other marathons, as well as many other distance races. She continues to enjoy running long distances, the sense of accomplishment it provides, and the challenges it presents. Alton began coaching for Fleet Feet of Tulsa, the running club that helped rekindle her love of running. She loves to run in the community to gain inspiration from local runners, build relationships, and motivate others.

After battling nagging injuries and running through pain, Alton turned to CrossFit to help her gain strength, power and reduce her propensity for injury. CrossFit was a perfect fit and greatly improved her performance in races and in her training. Alton wanted to share her new love of CrossFit and how it improved her running with others.

Alton holds a Level I CrossFit certification as well as a CrossFit Endurance Certification. Alton has been a trainer at 918 CrossFit in Tulsa, Oklahoma, since March 2012. She has been an integral part of the implementation of the 918 CrossFit Endurance Program. In July 2012, the 918 CrossFit Endurance program started. Alton has seen the positive impact running has had on so many other people’s lives. Her favorite thing about the endurance program is feeling inspired by the members’ transformation from discouraged to highly motivated, and fully determined to meet goals with a positive attitude.