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Meghan Currie

Handstands, motorcycles, smells, bicycles, ancient cheese, friends and wine, music languages, books, trees, beets, mud, dancing, diagrams, sewing, teaching, surprises. Shaking, anatomy, making music, sleeping outside, wisdom, nonsense, sprouts, spoons. Seeds, cats, fears, rocks, essential oils, feet, photos, insects, skateboards, the ocean. Laughing, crying, naps, sewing machine parts, singing, stillness, wrinkles, spinach, all creatures, learning and apples. When I teach I let go as much as possible so I may be an open channel for creative energy to pass through. Every student is everyone’s teacher so I plug my heart into everyone and do my best to translate the teachings which present themselves in the moment. I believe it’s not all up to me. Like any recipe, there must be... Read the profile >>

Reno Muenz

One Love Yoga

Reno Muenz is a charismatic, inspirational yoga teacher who brings his strength, humour and philosophy to every one of his yoga classes. Since the first time he opened the pages of Bhagavan Das’ It’s Here Now Are You?, he knew there was something radical about the practice of yoga. His love for music has a major influence on his teaching style and adds to the uplifting message he brings to his classes. As a DJ for much of his life, he brings this connection to sound and intertwines it with his knowledge of yoga as a physical as well as devotional practice. Mainly influenced by Reggae and Dub music, practitioners will experience everything from Soul to Indie Rock and Punk as well. In university he majored in Religious Studies with a focus on Buddhist and Hindu traditions... Read the profile >>