Genieve Burley

When embraced beyond the realm of simple fitness, yoga, is a way of life. I entered into this sacred practice for exercise, and for many years practiced for that reason. It was only when great emotional challenge came to me that I looked at all eight limbs of yoga to heal. By learning the eight limbs I examined the way I treat myself, others, the environment and all sentient beings. In my classes I offer a challenge to my students, not just by the physical asanas but to connect to the breath to remain present with all feelings that come their way. When we are able to process emotions and traumas when they come up, there is both emotional and physical recovery. Read the profile >>

Karlito Notargiovanni

Yoga for the People

After years of practice, Yoga has demonstrated to me that its system affects us on deeper levels, conscious or not it connects us to it all. I feel so blessed to have been teaching fitness for over a decade and delighted that I can share the Art of Yoga and its profound teachings to my students. I encourage my students to fine-tune their intimate connection to their body, with freedom of movement and breath, fluidity, alignment. Tuning into their true nature by dedicating themselves every moment. All moving towards the light that shines so bright in all of us, one breath at a time. OM. Read the profile >>

Kristy Wright

SUP Vancouver

Kristy grew up in Ontario spending time on the lakes and water ways of Muskoka wakeboarding. After moving to Whistler in 2002 the mountain lifestyle industry opened many doors in sales & marketing, but with office work came stress and deadlines, to help manage this lifestyle Kristy started practicing yoga. Through her yoga practice and teaching Snowboard and horseback riding teaching Yoga was a natural transition. Receiving her 200hr Foundation Yoga teaching certification with Yyoga in Vancouver, BC Canada she has since trained with Baron Baptiste and teaches Power Yoga among other styles. After paddle boarding in Hawaii she began to look at the paddle board as a moving mat to not only expand her practice but work stabilizing muscles to refine her practice on the mat. Through... Read the profile >>

Krysta Cochrane

Krysta began running competitively at the age of 9 and continued all the way through university. She ran track and cross country for California State University, the University of Victoria, and the University of British Columbia. Today, Krysta trains mostly for 10k, half-marathon and marathon races, and sees running as a necessity to balance her life as a lawyer. Krysta also leads the Oakridge Run Club every Wednesday, and is passionate about inspiring people to experience the gift of running. Over the years, she has learned that running has given her the confidence and strength to embrace all that life has to offer. Read the profile >>

Lacey Kondi

Kondi Callanetics

Lacey found her passion for fitness at the young age and was a BCRPA certified trainer at the young age of 16 teaching classes at the YMCA. Since then Lacey has added certifications in Mat Pilates, Prenatal Pilates, and her true passion, Callanetics. In 2008, she began to perfect her own method of Callanetics which she branded Kondi Callanetics. In 2010 she opened the first Kondi Callanetics Studio and in 2011 she launched her online fitness video website Read the profile >>