West Vancouver : Park Royal

Todd Inouye


I see the rock face from a new rushing-molasses perspective as it sweeps past me in super-slow-motion. I hear the sweet aluminum jangle of my climbing rack as the pieces hang suspended, whimsically knocking each other across my chest in the foreground. I'm falling upside-down plunging off the Split Pillar of the Grand Wall of the Chief... and the clouds look so beautiful today.

I'm being stomped on the chest with one bare foot and my hand is being crushed beyond feeling as it provides the leverage for that heel dig into my ribs even deeper... Then I see what looks like a patch of blood, no its fine black hair as it emerges and then retreats back into excruciating warmth. Again and then again... retreat. With support of a hand and a final push her head moves forward and seems frozen in space for eternity before it collapses inward like a squeezed bottom of a styrofoam cup. I see a little squished face and POP! the head expands back to its beautiful slippery round form. Welcome Sabyne!!!

Are you into being present, awake, alive? I am... I have a obsession with new experiences that exist in the most absurd and mundane to the complete surreal. My practices grant me new perspectives and connection to something so much deeper than surface. If you're into it, I'm into sharing, connecting, and creating. Oh yeah, then there's sunsets and long walks on the beach too.

Much thanks, love and gratitude to my teachers: My family, John Friend founder of Anusara Yoga® which continues to move me in all ways, my past teachers from several traditions and the Tantra, for being the One.