Vancouver : Robson St

Alex Mazerolle

Injury and illness brought Alex to the mat years ago, but the teachings of self love, compassion, and grace keep her there. Once she scratched the surface, she has never stopped digging – and brings that journey into her community through Girlvana Yoga – a program geared towards teen girls and their exploration of what it means to be a girl. Through yoga, body awareness, movement and varied dialogue, Alex taps into the heart of these girls – and creates space for them to be, well, them.

In Alex’s classes, students are invited to be in their rawest form. She teaches a strong alignment based, fluid class whether it be Anusara, Power or Pilates. Alex has a knack for leading through a theme in her classes by weaving in intention, heart language and good music. You can always expect to laugh, sweat, and feel deeply.

Alex is inspired by love and its exquisite consistency in our lives. She is inspired by her teachers and students who are continually brave enough to open to love.