Vancouver : Robson St

Linda Wong

Can you do what you love and love what you do? Absolutely!

Born in Hong Kong and raised in Vancouver, Linda’s focus growing up was always on school, without an athletic bone in her body. So, when her company entered a corporate team in the Vancouver Sun Run, she was reluctant to commit but eventually did with the encouragement of her manager. Who knew this would change everything going forward?

Now, almost 10 years since lacing up her first pair of runners, over 100 road and trail races, and a Boston Marathon under her belt, Linda's "hobby" has transformed into the main focus of her personal and professional life. She rapidly became a "race junkie", addicted to the electrifying energy and positive people. This addiction eventually fuelled her passion and enthusiasm in the sporting event management world. With 10 years experience in corporate events, she switched gears to sports and hasn’t looked back, working on projects such as the Turkey Trot, New Balance Fall Classic, and Chip’s Not Dead Yet Memorial Mile. She has also been the Race Director for the James Cunningham Seawall Race and the Marketing & Communications Coordinator for the BMO Vancouver Marathon. She's excited to continue her new journey to elevate every runner's experience, one step at a time.

"I've made all the mistakes a beginner runner can make - every single one. So I know how hard it is to commit to something and train for it - regardless if it's a 5k or a marathon. When someone comes to one of my events, it's my job to reward them with the best experience possible. They already did the hard work - they made it to the start line."

If she's not organizing races, she's out running and encouraging others to run. Her goals now include an ultramarathon, the Boston Marathon again, the Great Wall Marathon in China, and then who knows?

"Running has been such a positive influence in my life - I just want to share that with everyone. When I hear people say that they just don't enjoy it or can't do it, I don't believe it. All they need is a bit of guidance and a positive experience and I'm more than happy to help because running CAN be fun for all!"