Victoria : Johnson

Natalie Wright

I began my yoga journey through dance at a young age. After finishing that chapter of life, I floundered for many years in trying to find something that made me feel the same way. Yoga, although I did not become serious with it right away, was that thing. After a couple years of playing and exploring I decided to jump in and took the Moksha Yoga teacher training. Absolute love. It became apparent that my life was heading in a new direction and I embraced it. After becoming more confident in my teaching, I was blessed to be able to take prenatal training while pregnant with my son and then the One Yoga training a year and a half later. After experiencing Ryan Leier, his philosophy, and the One Yoga community, I found a practice and space that embodied the path I am on and a teacher I could continuously learn from.

I am so very excited to be bringing One Yoga to the community here. I try to infuse each class with breath, joy, a sense of presence, and hopefully the ability to surprise yourself. As a student foremost, I bow to all my teachers, and work to always have a beginner's mind by learning both on and off the mat.

Much love,