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Avery Jones

A.J.’s first step along the yogic path was at the age of 13, when he decided to become vegetarian, for no other reason than that it seemed the right thing to do. At 16, he took another step when he came across the Bhagavad Gita in a collection of his Father’s books. After this, he immediately began a lifelong study of yogic philosophy. He continued by studying meditation and yoga asanas (poses) through various books, though intimidated by the idea of a yoga class. A.J. put this idea to the back of his mind, as someone who could not even touch his toes, he mistakenly decided yoga classes were for more flexible people. For the next few years, A.J. practiced sporadically, picking up meditation and hatha yoga for short sprints, and then dropping back into a normal teenage routine. Just... Read the profile >>

C.Mae Jones

C.Mae grew up in a very small town in New Hampshire where yoga classes weren't easily accessable. Despite the scarcity of classes to attend, C.Mae always knew that she wanted to practice yoga. So she began her practice the way many people do, following videos at home. She learned some things about asana and meditation through these videos, and began living more consciously. At age 14 she became vegetarian, and by the time she was 16, a woman had finally opened a studio in her town. It was here that she took her first class, and she immediately knew that the only thing she wanted to do was to teach yoga. She still remembers the overwhelming feeling of belonging and bliss that she felt after taking that first class. In 2011 she moved to Virginia Beach and found ABYS, her yoga home.... Read the profile >>

Gil Elhart

Breathe Yoga Center Norfolk

Gil has always loved being in nature, and combined with his athletic background he found immense joy in 'playing' outside. His first teaching job was as a snowboard instructor at the age of 19 while living in Montana. He loved being outdoors and imparting knowledge and skills so much he moved to Colorado and became a full-time outdoor adventure-sport instructor teaching snowboarding during the winter, and mountain biking, rock climbing and kayaking in the summer. Busy with an active lifestyle he came to yoga. He immediately fell in love with the way the practice concentrated his awareness into his breath and provided him the opportunity to slow down and retune his body. Becoming a yoga instructor was a natural transition that stemmed from his passion to share the benefits of yoga and the... Read the profile >>

Meaghan de Roos

Breathe Yoga Center Norfolk

Meaghan’s unique and inspirational style of teaching is a re?ection of her own journey toward healing through the gifts of yoga. She is committed to teaching yoga as a resource for personal inquiry, transformation, and authentic self expression. Her classes are a creative infusion of music, insight, story, and sequencing to empower and uplift every student. In addition to directing Breathe Yoga Center, Meaghan is a senior leader for her teacher Seane Corn’s co-founded organization Off The Mat, Into The World. Meaghan sees yoga as an opportunity for community, collaboration, and outreach. She facilitates regional workshops and intensives, and mentors yoga teachers on purpose, leadership, and action. Meaghan has been a student of yoga and meditation since the early 2000?s and has been... Read the profile >>