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Gil Elhart

Breathe Yoga Center Norfolk

Gil has always loved being in nature, and combined with his athletic background he found immense joy in 'playing' outside. His first teaching job was as a snowboard instructor at the age of 19 while living in Montana. He loved being outdoors and imparting knowledge and skills so much he moved to Colorado and became a full-time outdoor adventure-sport instructor teaching snowboarding during the winter, and mountain biking, rock climbing and kayaking in the summer. Busy with an active lifestyle he came to yoga. He immediately fell in love with the way the practice concentrated his awareness into his breath and provided him the opportunity to slow down and retune his body. Becoming a yoga instructor was a natural transition that stemmed from his passion to share the benefits of yoga and the powerful transformation it brought to his life.
Gil’s classes are fun and invigorating, light-hearted and empowering! His intuitive physical adjustments, goofy sense of humor and the ability to teach through story and metaphor make for a fulfilling experience of yoga. Always playful, Gil is a certified Storytime Yoga instructor and enjoys working with kids, inspiring them to live well by being active, eating healthy and breathing deeply.