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Meaghan de Roos

Breathe Yoga Center Norfolk

Meaghan’s unique and inspirational style of teaching is a re?ection of her own journey toward healing through the gifts of yoga. She is committed to teaching yoga as a resource for personal inquiry, transformation, and authentic self expression. Her classes are a creative infusion of music, insight, story, and sequencing to empower and uplift every student. In addition to directing Breathe Yoga Center, Meaghan is a senior leader for her teacher Seane Corn’s co-founded organization Off The Mat, Into The World. Meaghan sees yoga as an opportunity for community, collaboration, and outreach. She facilitates regional workshops and intensives, and mentors yoga teachers on purpose, leadership, and action. Meaghan has been a student of yoga and meditation since the early 2000?s and has been teaching yoga since 2003. She humbly offers gratitude to the people who have most profoundly in?uenced her life and teaching: Seane Corn, Andrea Boyd, Jeffrey Cohen, Shannon Paige Schneider, Dr. Deborah Milling, and her amazing husband Gil Elhart.