Lahaina : Maui Showroom

Kimo Burleigh

Burleigh Fitness

Kimo has been a permanent resident on Maui for the last 10 years, owns Burleigh Fitness and currently works at The Gym Maui where he is a Personal Trainer.
Looking for a personal change and improvement of his lifestyle, Kimo started hitting the gym after college. There he was inspired by his friends and watching trainers help clients improve their quality of life. Kimo decided to become a Personal Trainer and wanted to help contribute a positive and healthy life style for clients and friends.
Kimo’s style of training is to provide his clients with guided daily workouts including sports conditioning programs for youth and adults, ‘Quick Fit’ program which is designed to build speed, strength, balance and endurance. He also wanted to work with youth on ‘Bigger, Stronger and Faster’ camps for prep school Athletes to prepare them for sports in high school and ultimately college.
When Kimo is not improving the lives of others through fitness and coaching, he loves spending time with man’s best friend Leilani-girl, his 2 year old bluenose. You will often find Kimo with Leilani on his paddleboard, walking the beach or taking in the beautiful Maui sunset. Kimo has also dedicated his free time volunteering with the coaching staff for the US disabled ski team in the 90’s as well as participating in events to help raise money for Military Fallen Hero’s CrossFit benefits WOD’s. He also enjoys hanging with good friends and cooking up some one of a kind BBQ on the grill to share with all!