Washington : Logan Circle

Sam Khazai

Triathlete and Adventure Racer

Sam is a dedicated triathlete and adventure seeker, eager for this triathlon season to start. Last year, Sam qualified for the 2013 USA Triathlon Age Group National Championship race, finishing 2nd place in his age group at the Luray International Triathlon. He also completed his first Half Ironman where he finished in the top 30 overall and recorded the 10th fastest run time. In addition to the USA Triathlon AGNC race in Milwaukee, Sam’s 2013 race schedule includes some of his favorites, like the Cherry Blossom Ten Miler (PR: 64 minutes), North Face Endurance Challenge Half Marathon, Eagleman Half Ironman, St. Andrews Off-Road Sprint, General Smallwood Olympic, Patriots Half Ironman, and the Chesapeake Man Endurance Fest.

Sam lives his life uncorked and goofy, thankful for everything he has. He will tell you that his greatest blessings are an amazing family and friends who animate, enrich, and inspire him every day. He loves going for runs and bike rides through DC and the Rock Creek Park, so jump in with him when you see him, he loves meeting new training partners.

When he’s not swimming, biking, or running, Sam works at the Center for Strategic and International Studies researching and writing on US foreign policy issues. He is also completing his graduate degree in Middle East Studies at the George Washington University, and can’t wait to graduate this summer.