West Hartford
Farmington Ave

Corrina Richards

West Hartford Yoga

Corrina's love of yoga spans the spectrum from hot and sweaty Vinyasa to sweet and nurturing Restorative. After years of being a self-described Type A Yogi, Corrina now finds balance in her practice as well as her teaching through a creative mix of strength and surrender. Her own personal practice, which spans over a decade, is a constant source inspiration, healing and joy. A graduate of Kripalu in 2006 and the Therapeutic Yoga Training in 2009, Corrina is inspired by many different types of yoga and movement and incorporates elements of each into her classes. To her Power and Hot classes, Corrina brings a creative and fluid sequencing of asana with a strong emphasis on safe alignment. Expect a sweaty, deep, breath centered practice with a little laughter thrown in. And to her... Read the profile >>

Heather Rems Korwin

Sanctuary Power Yoga

My introduction to yoga came with practicing yoga with videotapes in my living room. After time, and with some prodding from a friend, I ventured into my first heated, power yoga class. I loved it. It was an experience unlike any other. Before that, I had been a dancer, a swimmer, a runner, a biker, a gym enthusiast. But after that first class, I knew yoga was it for me. Yoga means "union" & that is what I feel every time I get on my mat. My body, my breathe, my mind, my spirit - all united. I feel whole & connected. Yoga has transformed me & the way I live my life. It seemed a natural progression for me, then, to become a teacher of yoga. To share what I love about this practice with others. And every time I teach, I learn more about myself. I have been teaching heated power... Read the profile >>

Jenn Conlin

CrossFit Legitimus

Never having a dull moment and being active is the way I have lived my whole life. Soccer, Hockey, Cycling, Trail running or just jumping around on furniture are just a few of the things that keep me busy on a daily basis. Gyms never did much for me, but I felt like I needed a little push to stay in shape so a friend from high school turned me onto CrossFit. My life has never been the same since I stepped into my first CrossFit facility in Washington D.C. CrossFit is made for me, it's never the same and just a little wacky like me. Within two months I lost about 25 pounds and took minutes off my 20 mile bike commute to work. At CrossFit D.C. I started coaching under the guidance of Tom Brose. After a few months of assisting I started leading classes, it was here when I realized I... Read the profile >>

Natasha Roggi

Bikram Yoga Downtown Hartford

I began practicing Bikram Yoga in January 2008. I was out of shape and had barely worked out in the months leading up to my first class. Working a desk job had rendered my body inflexible, my mind tired, and my self-esteem in need of a major boost. I always liked the heat and I heard it was a great work-out, so I figured I’d try Bikram Yoga. I’ll never forget my first class…I walked in wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt, with no idea what to expect. After the longest 90 minutes of my life, I emerged from the studio: sweaty and stunned. I hadn’t brought a change of clothes, so my soaking sweatpants nearly froze on the walk back to my car. Two days later, I went back and tried again. My muscles were so sore from the first class, I could barely reach my toes. It was a tough... Read the profile >>

Rachel Tambling

I started running on a track in high school, and quickly fell in love with the feeling of running. Even then, I loved the process of putting one foot in front of the other, pushing hard when I wanted to stop. I ran though college, into graduate school and through professional triumphs and struggles. I was competitive in my age group and had lots of running adventures. My favorite way to experience any new place was on foot, enjoying a slow run through an exotic neighborhood. I have, and always will, love running for the simple joy of running and the freedom that it brings. On May 9, 2010, I was playing soccer, as I did every Sunday, when a little scuffle for the ball resulted in a traumatic knee injury. At the time I didn’t worry too much about it. I had surgery a few weeks later. I... Read the profile >>