West Hartford : Farmington Ave

Corrina Richards


Corrina's love of yoga spans the spectrum from hot and sweaty Vinyasa to sweet and nurturing Restorative. After years of being a self-described Type A Yogi, Corrina now finds balance in her practice as well as her teaching through a creative mix of strength and surrender. Her own personal practice, which spans over a decade, is a constant source inspiration, healing and joy.

A graduate of Kripalu in 2006 and the Therapeutic Yoga Training in 2009, Corrina is inspired by many different types of yoga and movement and incorporates elements of each into her classes. To her Power and Hot classes, Corrina brings a creative and fluid sequencing of asana with a strong emphasis on safe alignment. Expect a sweaty, deep, breath centered practice with a little laughter thrown in. And to her Restorative classes, Corrina offers a calm and grounding presence that allows her students to release the stress of the outside world and heal on a deeper, more compassionate level. Her 5 years of experience as a certified Thai Yoga Therapist is reflected in Corrina's balanced teaching style and nurturing assists.

Corrina is also a practicing Holistic Health Coach and a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.