West Hartford : Farmington Ave

Jenn Conlin


Never having a dull moment and being active is the way I have lived my whole life. Soccer, Hockey, Cycling, Trail running or just jumping around on furniture are just a few of the things that keep me busy on a daily basis. Gyms never did much for me, but I felt like I needed a little push to stay in shape so a friend from high school turned me onto CrossFit. My life has never been the same since I stepped into my first CrossFit facility in Washington D.C.

CrossFit is made for me, it's never the same and just a little wacky like me. Within two months I lost about 25 pounds and took minutes off my 20 mile bike commute to work. At CrossFit D.C. I started coaching under the guidance of Tom Brose. After a few months of assisting I started leading classes, it was here when I realized I found something I loved to do.

Since getting my CrossFit L1 certification in 2006, I've put all my focus and energy into coaching.

CrossFit not only got me fit, fast, and strong it lead me to my true passion, Coaching.