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Liz Pia

Saraswatis Yoga Joint/Glow Yoga

Elizabeth Pia has been studying and teaching yoga for almost a decade. She has also been a practicing massage therapist for 7 years. Liz was drawn to yoga because it combined so many of her passions, dance, atheleticism, spirituality and community. Growing up Liz enjoyed playing a variety of team sports and danced through college. Last year she took up Latin Ballroom dancing and came up with a few awards in her first competition. Liz began as a student and teacher in the ashtanga yoga tradition working closely with Beryl Bender Birch, her inspiration and constant guide. Since 2006 she has been studying under Mitchel Bleier teaching an intelligent vinyasa flow class. Under Mitchel's tutelage Liz has healed her own body and intensified her relationship with yoga as therapy. Her recent discovery of Mahasati Vipassana meditation has let in so much more light in her life. Last december she became a certified Acroyoga teacher.