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Alumni Ambassador Astrid Cameron Kent


At her peak, as a competitive athlete, Astrid competed in Ironman’s, marathons, road and mountain bike cycling events and races, long distance running events and relays, trail running, hill climbs, mountain running races, cross country ski racing and events, windsurfing races and events.

She studied and became certified as a Shiatsu Therapist and Reiki Therapist in 1991 and has been developing herself consistently, through many transformational, healing centric and personal development courses and programs since 1981.

Her participation in a 10 day Vippassana in 1998 turned the corner from her journey being more of a physical and mental performance and inquiry to an inner and spiritual inquiry.

Astrid cemented her commitment to yoga in May 2001, with the opening of Neoalpine studio, where she was recognized as the most consistent student. She continued her consistent practice and studies through and up to summer 2005 when she completed her Yoga Teacher Training and has been teaching Yoga since that time.

She continues her Yoga Teaching studies ongoingly by attending and participating and completing courses and workshops by many of the top Anusara, Jivamukti and Restorative Yoga Therapy teachers in our region.

In mid 2008 she became an Advisor for the region with Dhyan Vimal and The Sacred Word with the School of Mastery. Master Dhyan Vimal’s work and teaching have since remained the main source for her studies and practices and journey towards enlightenment.

Professionally she continues to bring Artisan products to the best Chefs in the region, and organize local events and projects and initiatives that connect the Farmer, Producer and Artisan with the Chefs and the Grocery Stores and the public.

As the director of Slow Food Sea to Sky, the Coordinator of the Sea to Sky FEAST of FIELDS, and as a proud and official partner of Whistler 2020 and a strong and active member of the Whistler 2020 Food Task Force, Astrid brings her commitment and passion for the local food and the local food shed to her community in many far reaching ways.