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Alumni Ambassador Erin Anderson

White Gold Yoga

Yoga for Erin is: "a place where the truth lies. Breath and movement connect to a deeper knowledge of myself and what is. I find challenge, joy, healing, creativity and strength through yoga which I carry through into my life. Yoga has asked me to be up to something bigger than myself which I find very exciting!
All of this is what I would like to share with others. What inspires me is seeing others willing to move through their own stuff. The guts it takes to face the dark side and the compassion to open up to bigger possibilities is what lights me up. It’s not the grip and effort, it’s the power in vulnerability that lights my jets. I see it everywhere, in those practicing yoga for
the first time to seasoned yogis - the courage to be vulnerable makes my heart sing."

Erin is honoured to share her love of yoga. For Erin, the journey to become a teacher has been a rewarding and enriching experience through which she have gained a deeper self knowledge. Erin has practiced yoga for over 10 years and began to delve deeper into it when she discovered how to find personal balance while raising two young children.

She completed her teacher training with Baron Baptiste which transformed her world and took her life and practice to a new level. Through the Baptiste community Erin was introduced to the Africa Yoga Project which opened her eyes to the power of yoga as a means to bringing peace to the world. She is honoured to be an ambassador with a mission to raise awareness which will help transform a country in need. This process has allowed her to connect on a deeper level to her own community. Through fund raising she hopes to elevate spirit, cultivate community and generate abundance both in our community and across the globe.

Erin teaches Baptiste Power Vinyasa as well as Flow classes. Her intention is to encourage each participant to know who they really by creating a practice that is rooted in being present and not in thought.

"For me, yoga is a simple place where breath and movement can lead us to our true being. It's where the pressures of the outside world, the misconceptions, the stories all drop away. What's left is a moving breathing being. And for me, this practice is pure joy and an opportunity for personal transformation! Yoga is the expression of creative play within."

"Drop your shoes and join me!" Erin Anderson