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Alumni Ambassador Heather Bell


CrossFit Squamish

Heather is a Registered Massage Therapist, Certified CrossFit Trainer and co-owner of CrossFit Squamish. She has been an RMT since 2006 and spent the beginning of her career working in Whistler. Having been an athlete her whole life (skiing, biking, long distance running, climbing), and working professionally with many varieties of recreational and elite level athletes, she has accumulated a large knowledge base about movement (or lack thereof!) and activity related injuries. When she first started training CrossFit for personal reasons she essentially became an experiment for its effect on chronic injuries, and had no idea that it would become the framework for her career.

Within 6 months of training she was completely injury free, and began to refer several of her clients to CrossFit Whistler when it opened in 2008. Heather continued to progress as a teacher of the human body by completing CrossFit courses in Barbell training, Gymnastics, Nutrition, Science of Exercise, and Kids Coaching; and as an athlete by competing at the 2009 CrossFit Games Western Canada Qualifier.

The appeal of CrossFit extends far beyond the physical benefits. The sense of community and support it demonstrates is hard to explain. And the confidence that develops in people who train with CrossFit programming is incredible.

Heather and her partner Jesse (also CrossFit Certified) realized that CrossFit and Massage Therapy should be under the same roof. After a long process of business planning (and practicing their patience and perseverance) they finally opened their gym in October, 2009. Heather feels extremely fortunate to have been a part of creating the incredible community of CrossFit Squamish. Having also practiced yoga for the past 8 years, she has realized that CrossFit and Yoga are among the few health related cultures that are able to affect people’s lives so profoundly; and she is happy to be collaborating with Lululemon with the goal of motivating and inspiring more people!