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Alumni Ambassador Jf Plouffe


Jean Francois (JF) Plouffe- Jean Francois grew up in the province of Quebec and later moved to BC, which gave him the advantage of fluency in both French and English. He is a multi-sport enthusiast: he was a member of the Canadian Junior National Triathlon Team, he has climbed Mt. Logan and Denali and many other Mountain in The Rockies and the west coast. He love to ski jump on his bike and share the great outdoor with his family.
JF has also Rock climbed in many different countries and will always be an ambassador of his favorite Sport!
He is a rescue diver, swift water rescue and also an avid surfer (just to round things out!). JF has also worked instructing high-level first aid courses and taught for an outdoor recreational program in Australia. Jean Francois has excelled in a variety of roles: as a member of the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides, Search and Rescue, as well as serving as a consultant and project manager for a variety of Outdoor companies in Canada, Australia and the United States.