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Alumni Ambassador Julia McCabe


I once saw a T-shirt on a guy in an airport line-up that read "Educate = Liberate". I loved it so much that it quickly became my motto. The act of teaching yoga is liberating in every sense, for both teachers and students. And the art of it truly begins with the wisdom that you are already arriving with. The rest comes with time, patience, courageous perseverance and you ... well, being you.

I fell in love with yoga and the freedom of it at my home studio here in Whistler, B.C at Neoalpine Yoga. Since 2000 I have travelled to study with Paul Dallaghan at Yoga Thailand (Ashtanga tradition) and more directly under the friendship/teachership of Patrick Creelman (Anusara Yoga). I have been blessed to work with a collection of amazing yogis between 2005-2008 in Hong Kong at Pure Yoga (www.pure-yoga.com) as a fulltime yogi. I have been honored to meet and learn over the years from Ana Forrest, John Friend, Seane Corn, the?Jivamuktis and several other "unknown" yogis who have influenced my teachings just as much as these great teachers have.

I hold workshops and teacher trainings year round between Whistler, Vancouver, Mexico and Nicaragua. I am also deep in the throes of writing a book about my experiences living and teaching in Asia.

Get in touch with me by email at juliamariemccabe@gmail.com Or find me on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/juliamccabeyoga