Whistler : Whistler Village

Alumni Ambassador Karla Treadway

Karla Treadway fell in love with yoga after moving to the coast mountains and getting involved with the large and loving yoga community in Whistler, British Columbia. With a passion for all things outdoors, yoga was a perfect complement to train for and recover from all other activities. Skiing, touring, snowmobiling, biking, running and watersports can work a girl over through the years. Long distance running and weight training used to be her primary source of fitness but yoga blew that door shut as she realized she could get just as strong and have way more fun doing it with yoga alone. Over time, the other benefits of yoga began making themselves known. Connectedness, peace, concentration and love are a few of the many other fruits of yoga. With a belief that all things should be fun and enjoyable, she brings humour, energy and creative sequencing to all of her vinyasa flow classes.
Her training stems from the rich lineage of Krishnamacharya along with the power and flow of Ashtanga. Her teachers taught her the importance of really seeing her students and designing classes meant for them. Teaching has blown her heart wide open. The ability to offer the transformative powers of yoga is a daily joy for Karla Treadway.