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Alumni Ambassador Kristin Campbell

Neoalpine Yoga Studio/Shala Yoga

Kristin is EYRT 500, Yoga Alliance Certified, has been teaching full time since Nov 2000.

Kristin currently leads Teacher Trainings and Yoga/Surf Retreats and teaches YHot, Flow, Power, Core, Boom Shakti Flow and Yin Yoga classes.
Kristin's wildly playful, loving and compassionate spirit shines through her teaching style which is largely flavoured by her training in Anusara, Baptiste Power Vinyasa, Ayurveda and Mastery Meditation.

Kristin classes are a passionate offering of sweetness coupled with a commanding presence, using a precise dialogue to convey key alignment principles that will enhance your practice and modifications for those who need them.

Always beginning with the remembrance of intention and self- awareness, Kristin hopes to inspire you to give of your best in order to become more of who you already are.

Kristin bows humbly at the lotus feet of these formal teachers who each in their own unique way have been a well spring of knowledge and a huge inspiration, John Friend, Baron Baptiste, Seane Corne, Bikram Choudhury, Master Dhyan Vimal, Elissa Gumushel, Christine Price-Clark, Patrick Creelman, David Life, Shiva Rea, and The 13 Grandmothers.

To say hello, kristin@yyoga.ca

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