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Jamie Harris

Jamie has worked as a Personal Trainer since 2007 and has been teaching yoga since 2010. While exploring many different styles, Jamie became captivated by the Tantric philosophy employed in Anusara Yoga, and the alignment details of Iyengar yoga. Currently, Jamie is studying the martial arts inspired Budokon Yoga, and embracing its challenges! With his background as a personal trainer and love of yoga, Jamie continues to explore the relationships between mind, body and spirit; seeking more clarity and alignment. He loves to teach, finding great joy in sharing this beautiful tradition with others! Read the profile >>

Jillian Falzone

The Saw Mill Club, Mount Kisco, NY - Scarsdale Yoga, Scarsdale, NY -

Jillian is a bronx native who was raised playing sports from a young age. As a former gymnast and competitive cheerleader, Jillian had done some damage to joints that made running no longer an option. Which led her to hot yoga which provided her the ability to be challenged on a level comparable to running 5 miles, without the pounding on her joints. As a lover of movement, hot power yoga was the natural evolution of her personal practice. The physicality and athleticism required spoke to her inner athlete; but the more power yoga she practiced, the more she realized there was a real need for more accurate body knowledge in this arena. Jillian sought out some of the best anatomy nerds she could find and became certified in Yoga Tune Up®, created by Jill Miller. Read the profile >>

Lauren Porat


Lauren has completed teacher trainings with Yoga to the People in NYC and Bryan Kest in Santa Monica, CA. She opened YogaSpark in 2013 to bring amazing hot power yoga to lower Westchester. She loves instructing big, sweaty groups of diverse people to stay strong, move actively, and be present. She believes that the most important teacher lies within themselves. She could never have anticipated the incredible and supportive YogaSpark community that was to develop, and that continues to grow every day. Presently residing in Larchmont, NY with her husband and 2 sons, who are a daily inspiration and reminder to live life with awareness. For these things and all other blessings, she is truly grateful. Read the profile >>

Manny Alayon

Manny has had the ability to exhibit an immeasurable amount of fitness knowledge over the years. As a former high school and collegiate wrestler, he understands the mental and physical struggles one must go through to achieve a personal goal. His passion and determination started to thrive when he got hooked on the intense and painful journey of CrossFit. What Manny is trying to accomplish with NorthEast CrossFit is simple: to make it the best environment for anyone looking to make a change in their lives. Whether you are a seasoned CrossFitter, an athlete looking to gain an edge, or someone looking to lose weight, Manny will make sure that you receive top-notch coaching and personal training from an experienced instructor. Manny strives to make you love that one hour a day you spend at... Read the profile >>

Richard Pike

Bikram Yoga Scarsdale

Bikram Yoga Scarsdale Richard is a Westchester County native, born and raised in Thornwood. Growing up playing a lot of sports, Richard has always enjoyed exercise that pushed the boundaries. Having discovered Bikram Yoga many years ago, Richard found it to be a great workout for the body, the mind and the spirit. Richard completed the very rigorous 500 hour, 9 week intensive Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in San Diego in 2010. He has been teaching Bikram Yoga full-time ever since. Richard opened Bikram Yoga Scarsdale in February 2013 so he could share his passion for this life-changing yoga known as Bikram Yoga. Read the profile >>