Winnipeg : Polo Park

Crystal Kirby-Peloquin

Crystal is co-owner of CrossFit 204 with her partner and fiancé Mike Warkentin. She has been passionate about sports and fitness her entire life. Nothing was off limits to Crystal in her youth as she explored baseball, volleyball, track and field, and basketball. Ultimately, the countless hours spent playing basketball with her brother at the YMCA led her to the University of Winnipeg, where she joined the Winnipeg Wesmen in 2001.

Not long afterward, Crystal's sister convinced her to give triathlons a shot. While working as an event planner, Crystal spent hours cycling, running and swimming, often with her best friend Jenny. Her dedication to the training and her passion for competition resulted in several top finishes in her age category and a first-place finish in Morden in 2006. While she loved the endurance training, Crystal also loved weightlifting. She often worked out with her Mom, who had rediscovered fitness through her children.

It was only a matter of time before Crystal would find CrossFit. In 2008, she met Mike, and they have been lifting heavy weights together happily, ever since. With CrossFit's focus on strength, power and endurance, Crystal is able to combine everything she loves about fitness every day. She's spent the last four years competing in CrossFit competitions at the local and regional level. As the manager at CrossFit 204, Crystal has found coaching to be a rewarding and humbling career, that allows her to connect with many different people who are striving toward a common goal: health and wellness. She's found it very fulfilling to help clients achieve their fitness goals and find new levels of strength and endurance.

Outside work, Crystal loves to spend time with her family and close friends, do yoga, dabble with home renovations, cook delicious food and try new wine. In her spare time, she can often be found lost in a good book or sun tanning on top of her garage.