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Balazs Csoke

Professional Triathlete

I was born in Hungary’s 4th biggest city called Szeged. As a kid I spent most of my time in a local swimming pool with my parents, and learned to swim at age 6. At the same time I started my first class in elementary school, I became a member of the local swimming club (SZUE) and started to train 3 times a week.

I won my first swimming race, at age 10, which gave me the final push to be a competive swimmer. I spent the next 9 years totally dedicated to swimming, training 12 times a week, racing all around the country and abroad.

At age 16, I saw a film about a triathlon race, and that was the point when I decided that I wanted to try this sport.

Starting my university studies brought a lot of change in my life, I had to move to the capital of Hungary, and it was the perfect time to join a triathlon club there and start specific training.

Thanks to my swimming background I found myself mostly first in the T1, but I quickly realized it was not enough. Trainings were getting harder, and I was still racing mostly national events in Hungary.

Finishing my studies allowed me to focus more on triathlons, and that was the time when I managed to complete my first Ironman distance race! It was a rough way to be a professional triathlete, as I felt so many things were against it.

But I believed in myself more than anything else. And finally it all paid off. At age 29, I can call myself an Ironman Champion, and living the life I have always dreamed about.