The Woodlands : Market St

Josie Ver Meer Unseth

Tree House Pilates, Crossfit Silverback, Kahanu

if my life was a lululemon manifesto bag, it would include the following statements-

i shall walk down this road but once...

i believe in being a life long learner... in taking risks... in being impractical. i think chocolate and red wine should have their own food group. we should dance like everyone is watching, because we were born knowing how to shake it. good music fixes everything. being uncomfortable for a little while will make the moments of triumph and accomplishment that much more delicious. enjoy even the smallest wins. everyone loves a mix tape. teach someone what you love... pass it on.

i teach yoga and dance because i love movement, stillness, strength, grace and flexibility. i love watching people discover what they are mentally and physically capable of... and love that people are constantly surprising themselves.

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training through LifePower Yoga
Yogafit level 1, 2, 3 certified
2001 graduate University of Oregon (B.A. in Dance)

currently teaching:
yoga and dance at APAC Dance studio, Tree House Pilates, Crossfit Silverback, and Kahanu.