The Woodlands : Market St

Patty McCann-Gonzalez

Yoga Space of The Woodlands, Cherry Blossom Yoga

Growing up, I had a love for swimming, dancing, and running. In 2008,I ventured out of my normal exercise routine and discovered yoga at the local gym. It was not long until yoga became more than just a physical practice.I realized that yoga challenged every part of her being and found it liberating, always leaving me wanting more. Yoga transformed me as my heart and mind began to align with one another. My love to share yoga with the world started to grow. In 2012,I received my 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Certification to continue this journey with each and every person my path may cross. I am passionate about helping my students and always encourage them to try something that challenges them, to have fun, and ultimately to be comfortable on their mat. No matter at what stage one is in their practice,my wish is that yoga will help transform the minds and bodies of my students leading to self-love, discovery, compassion and confidence in their true self.