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Diana Vitantonio


Diana Vitantonio is a teacher, storyteller, healer and soul activist. She has dedicated her life to guiding people toward the path of their soul. She is very grateful to anyone that shows up no matter when, or how or why. It's brave to want to heal your life and there is not a day that goes by that she does not feel deeply moved by another and their commitment to greater health and healing. This is what inspires her about all forms physical exercise. Whether it's yoga, running, crossfit, dancing, or whatever, the human body is capable of such greatness. It's a vehicle of truth that reminds us that we are powerful beyond measure.

Diana is amazed by the way lululemon athletica lives the principle of giving without expectations. She reminds herself each day to show up and serve without saving and to love fully without expectations or conditions. In her classes you will feel loved and accepted and there is a big chance you will hear her belly laugh. In her classes, she uses, body, breath, and heartfelt words and stories as tools to remove emotional and mental blocks, as a prayer that each person may remember they are free. Because freedom is what we were made for.

Diana is currently travelling the country leading Soul Activist Teacher Training Programs. Check out calendar of events for dates Diana will be back in Cleveland