Woodmere : Eton Chagrin

Joel Woods


Joel loves his job, he absolutely loves it. He feels so blessed to have the opportunity to work with his staff and members to help them be “better” through CrossFit. His mission is to empower ordinary people to lead extra-ordinary lives by pursuing elite fitness through the strength and conditioning components of classes and the dynamics of being part of the CrossFit Independence Community. Joel has been a fitness professional since becoming a Certified NSCA Personal Trainer in 2002, and he was first introduced to the CrossFit model of training in 2005. After months of serious research into CrossFit, he really felt compelled to find a way to open his very own box in 2011 and share what he is so passionate about with the community.

Joel's journey with lululemon athletica started the first time he visited a store with his future wife in Chicago back in 2009. He was blown away by the sense of community and inspiration that the store was oozing. He was excited when Cleveland opened their first store and later had the chance to be an Ambassador and learn more about the lululemon culture. His experience as an Ambassador has opened his eyes to the power of simply pursuing greatness and helping others do the same. Vision building and goal-setting experiences with the lululemon Eton Chagrin team have been profound, and have been organically embedded into his daily structure with his leadership role at CrossFit Independence and with his family. Joel feels that he is more prepared and focused on doing what really matters... ”Elevating the World from Mediocrity to Greatness".