Woodmere : Eton Chagrin

Ryan Speed


I have found joy in movement for as long as I can recall. Running around in the woods of TN as a child. Skateboarding and swimming along the beaches of South FL as a teenager. Long solo runs down forgotten paths and side roads brought peace and solitude as an infantryman in my early 20's. Moving my body through space; over rocks and fallen trees, down dirty trails and along streams has been part of me for longer than I've known.

In 2006 feeling the need to move, to be outside, I decided to sign up for the Akron Marathon and "knock that off my bucket list". At the time I would never have guessed it would be the catalyst it was, but in the training for that marathon I was introduced to long distance trail running - which has been life transforming. I found race distances from 50k to 100 miles were out there, allowing me to spend hours outdoors running along trails. "Over use" injuries lead me to CrossFit, CrossFit Endurance, POSE running, Kettlebell training and a plethora of knowledge about human movement. I've learned that strength training and mobility are as important to running as being able to place one foot in front of the other. And I've found that I love, absolutely love passing on the knowledge that I've gained. All of that and more from simply deciding to do something that I had been wanting to do.

The community and ideology that I have found in lululemon athletica fit my outlook on health, fitness, and happiness from our very first interaction. The belief that as a community we can support, hold accountable, and celebrate one another is powerful. Helping individuals achieve goals they didn't know they had, showing them that by moving better our lives become better, has become a passion for me. And I see the same values in those I've met through lululemon athletica.

Since 2009 I have ran numerous 5k, 10k, and 1/2 Marathons, both official races and just training distance. There have been a couple road Marathons, a few trail Marathons, 50k's, and another 50 Miler. All using a CFE style of programming. I have completed both CF Lvl 1 Trainer's Course and CrossFit Endurance Trainer's Course. I've started working towards my POSE Lvl 1 Coaches Certificate and have recently started looking at preparing for a Kettlebell RKC Certification. All the while I found myself passing along any and everything I learned to family, friends, and now clients.

Eat Clean - Train Smart - Live Easy